Sharing The Road in Virginia

Share VA Roads 2016 Pocket Guide

Laws and Safety Tips for Bicyclists,
Pedestrians, & Motorists

Sharing the Road in Virginia offers safety procedures and traffic regulations for all users of Virginia’s roads and paths. This guide will help bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists safely use Virginia’s transportation network.

Like motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians are subject to the Code of Virginia section on motor vehicles (Title 46.2) which may be accessed online from the official Web site of the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Transportation.

Copies may be reproduced for distribution; contact your local office supply store, copy center, or printer for assistance.

Sharing the Road in Virginia 4th Edition is funded by a Federal Highway Safety Grant from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. It has been prepared by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission with oversight from the Technical Advisory Committee members listed on page 37.

Interactive Map of 2014 to June 2017 Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes in Northern Virginia