Report A Near Miss Or Incident

If you have witnessed or been involved in an incident or near-miss, please fill out the form below so we can add it to our data.

If you have witnessed or been involved in a crash, please familiarize yourself with what to do in a crash and report the crash.

Also download the Share the Roads Pocket Guide.


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    About the Incident

    Please click on button in the top right corner of the map to drop a pin, trace a circle, or draw an area where you believe the incident took place.

    Traffic LightCrosswalkStop SignMid-BlockNone of the Above

    not enough time to crosslong wait to crossjaywalkingpoor visibilityspeedingfailure to yield to pedestriansred light runningstop sign runningscooter operator/parking hazardother

    Please describe the incident in as most detail as you can, ie, number of pedestrians, cyclists, makes and models of cars, etc.

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